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Public Interest Media

The irony of the situation is that monetisation of media against PIMs creates "tribes" of unequal people, and widens the gap between communities, thus creating more societal problems, which ultimately hurts commercial media outlets - violence, thefts, gated communities, and a terribly reduced margin of consumers.

Digital Africa

Africa’s Hidden Digital Treasure Trove

I read in a recent edition of African Leadership magazine about Mansa Musa, the 10th-century ruler of what was then the West African Kingdom. The article was a very brief sketch of his remarkable life and achievements. We should know more about this man. His life must have abounded with stories that are universal and ageless. Stories of politics, of statecraft, of economics and social change and of personality; of moments and decisions that changed the way countless thousands of people lived.


The Future of PSB in Africa

It's a slow and complicated process, but a sub-Saharan Africa public service broadcast (PSB) network is taking root, according to the visionary behind it. Having worked on the concept for more than two decades, George Twumasi is prepared to play the long game. The CEO of the African Broadcast Network (ABN) and a founding member of the African Public Broadcasting Foundation (APBF), believes there's a confluence of cultural, political and technological forces that make a PSB network both necessary and practical.

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African digital content industry

African cultural heritage weaves a complex, rich and colorful fabric of deep knowledge and wisdom. Yet for generations our compelling folktales and the insights they convey have been undervalued and uncelebrated. History tells us, however, that the greatest civilizations on Earth flourished because of an unshakeable confidence in the creative power of their belief systems and their myths.